Here are a bunch of pictures taken in 2017... looks even better now as it was detailed and shown at the Boca Raton, FL, Concours several weeks ago in a Do Not Judge environment. Took Best of Class at that show in 2014 and an AACA Trophy in that year as well. Not Shown to be judged since.

If you(the viewer) have an interest, price will raise its ugly head. Prices for #2 cars, which this is, seem to range from $85k to $125k.... Obviously I would like top dollar, BUT given this is the real world, and I am not a negotiator, tell me what you would pay if the car is as good as the pictures show, and I say, and if your dollars are reasonably within the above range I would ask you to come look at the car or send a friend or appraiser in to look.

Other than electronic ignition and aftermarket AC, the car is in the original configuration. No Rust (AC Garaged), Michelins, Becker Europa, 108M miles, Original Coloration (though repainted). Soft top is Good, Hard Top Unused in my ownership, Four (4) Forward Speeds Stick, for the next owner Owner to Show or Drive.

We have owned this car since 2002, and before that a 230SL for 20 years. My experience has allowed proper maintenance and care. Car is for sale due to lack of garage space. In the past I have declined an offer of $75k.

If interested, email Mal at